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Cardio is not something that everyone is very fond of, people don't always like the tiresome cardio routine but it is for sure one of the best ways to burn extra calories and get the benefits, such as higher endurance which will definitely help to get fit.The importance of aerobic exercises on our health and weight management has been discussed so many times by the experts. This is an effective method by which we can get our heart beat go up and starts the calorie burn process in our body. There are numerous ways by which we can get in the shape that we want to, but the best cardio method is, Running.Running is an aerobic exercise that everyone is familiar with, and if you go through the internet today for the different ways of exercise, you may come across so many different types of routines that will end up making you confused and you might give up!. Well although there are so many different routines available in the market, they are basically two types of running routines, namely LDR or Long Distance Running and high-intensity Interval Sprints. This has been found in many studies that long distance running and short interval sprints are both equally beneficial and have shown similar results, hence the Short Interval Sprints is being more preferred by the health enthusiasts nowadays than Long Distance Running as it saves a lot more time and keeps up the fun of doing a workout. But these short sprints are not an easy task and could even take a toll on you if not done with proper manner. So let's discuss the different ways to condition yourself to do the cardio properly:...

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